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MOU, Lexer Research Inc. – 13/01/2020


a) Student exchange for research and study,
b) Exchange of faculty, staff and research scholars,
c) Joint research activities,
d) Continuing education programs,
e) Organization and participation in seminars, symposia, short-term academic programs and academic meetings,
f) Exchange of research and educational materials, publications and academic information by both parties help to improve training material and application of LEXER,
g) LEXER provides an internship opportunity at LEXER agreed upon between both parties,
h) Support eligible simulation experts of LEXER for doing training or knowledge transfer to AIIS,
i) Support R&D projects and student projects, which may be carried out wholly at AIIS or at premises of LEXER or partly at AIIS and partly at LEXER,
j) Train AIIS faculty members, researchers, and students through Intensive Programs conducted by LEXER’s simulation experts in areas of cyber-physical systems and simulation on Cloud,
k) Sponsor ‘Deep Thinking’ R&D project, which means knowledge base optimization technology with GD.findi as the new AI concept and is executed under the University Alliance Program of LEXER, in which operation computer resources of both parties are applied in cooperation,
l) Technical assistance,
m) Creation and marketing of electronic instruction media, including credit and non-credit courses,



  • No activities
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    Effective Date

    13/01/2020 to 12/01/2023 Expired!