MOU Process

ขั้นตอนการจัดทำ MOU/Agreement (version 2023)

Process note

* Please be informed for KMITL MOU/Agreement procedure will submit to KMITL committee’s approval. The processes will be proceeding for at least 1-month to complete.


on MOU/Agreement

KMITL and (Name or short form of Insitution,if appropruate) aim to undertake cooperation in areas that may include, but are not restricted to, the following :


The following :

  • Student exchange for research and study,
  • Exchange of faculty, staff and research scholars,
  • Joint research activities,
  • Continuing education programs,
  • Organization and participation in seminars, symposia, short – term academic programs and academic meetings,
  • Exchange of research and educational materials, publications and academic information
  • Technical assistance,
  • Creation and marketing of electronic instruction media, including credit and non – credit courses,
  • Dual degree and joint degree programs

Procedure for MOU on General Collaboration

Procedure for Joint/Double Degree Program (DDP) Agreement

MOU Templates

1. MOU on General Collaboration (Version 2023) >> CLICK
2. Student Exchange Agreement >> CLICK

For KMITL Staff

For KMITL Staff

  • Please attach MOU Proposal Form, to submit the KMITL committee’s consideration and approval >> CLICK
  • Please follow Annual Schedule for Commitee’s Meeting 2023 >> CLICK